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If you are looking for a mobile app development company to bring your app idea to life, look no further! We offer professional mobile app development services at much lower rates than our competitors, with high-quality and responsive design. With us, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and of top quality. Our mobile app developers have experience in building customized apps for enterprises, small businesses, and startups.

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Services We Deliver

Our Mobile App Development Services

We understand that mobile apps can be much more than just games or social media. We provide a wide range of services including UI/UX design, App development, Deployment, and everything in-between. With our mobile app development services, we’ll design your next app for you and help you get it in the stores without worrying about any leg work! We aim to deliver the highest quality apps that are user-friendly and responsive.

UI/UX Design

Our mobile application development services are unique as they combine the best design and development talent in the industry, with a deep understanding of the most relevant technologies, to create great mobile user experiences. Our teams are able to work at an incredible speed, and we're confident that our process will save you both time and money.

Custom App Development

Your app is your business, so why not get it designed by an expert? Our team of mobile app specialists will help you create a customized and attractive app that matches your brand image. Get in touch to learn more about our mobile app development services!

Cross platform App Development

If you're looking to create a cross-platform mobile app, our team of experts can help you get started. With our cross-platform mobile app development services, you end up creating apps for all major platforms with just one codebase. From iOS to Android and everything in between, we've got you covered. Our mobile app development company can help you with creating cross-platform apps using React Native and Flutter. We have a broad range of skill sets that allows us to take any idea from an iPhone screen to an enterprise-level app.

Native App Development

Are you looking for a native app development partner? We are a mobile app development company that can create your next great idea. We use excellent design, coding, and testing to make sure the final product will be the best in its category. Our mobile app development services offer the latest technologies and native tools to create a beautiful and functional application.

Android App Development

Our mobile application development company focuses on delivering the best quality product in the shortest possible span of time. This is achieved by following a structured and systematic process that includes requirements gathering, wireframing, prototyping, and testing. We have an expert team of Android developers, who are skilled and well-versed in all versions of the Android platform. They follow a best-in-class methodology to create innovative and high-quality apps.

iOS App Development

The iPhone app development services we offer are cutting-edge and help bring your idea to life. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to create a successful app. You can hire our services to build an app from scratch, or use one of our templates so you can get started right away. With our expert mobile app development services and team, you'll be able to build your idea for the iPhone or iPad device in just a few hours! Contact us today to learn more and see how we can help you turn your idea into a reality!

Full Stack App Development

As the world grows more mobile, there is an increasing demand for full-stack mobile app development. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of companies that provide these services. But Poulima Infotech, one of the top mobile app development companies, provides you with top-notch mobile app development services, and hence, you can now publish your app on the App Store and Google Play Store in a much lesser time. We create apps that are beautiful, highly functional, and compatible with all operating systems. We work to your budget, so you get the best quality for your money. We offer full-stack app development services that include design, development, testing, and deployment.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid mobile apps are the new craze in the app world. They are becoming more and more popular as they provide many of the same features as native apps, but they also have some of the benefits of web-based applications. For example, if an internet connection is lost, these hybrids will still function properly as web-based apps. Our mobile app development company has developers who have some great experience with hybrid development and our mobile app development services will help you launch your project on time and under budget while increasing your profits.

Mobile app development services
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Why choose Poulima Infotech’s Mobile App Development Services?

As the use of mobile devices increases and the app market continues to grow, it’s crucial for businesses to be able to provide a mobile app. Our mobile app development services offer cost-effective, high-quality Android app development services that cover the design, programming, and testing phases. Our team of passionate and talented mobile app developers is experts at their craft. They can offer you a range of services, from consulting and design to development and support, so you can get the mobile app you’ve always wanted. They work on all the latest technologies, including iOS, Android, React Native, Vue JS, and more. We’re new to the market but we’re confident that our services will be the best.

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At Poulima Infotech, We deliver high-quality Mobile App Development Services that are tailored to your needs.

Industries that we serve

Our Mobile App Development Company serves the following industries

Banking Sector
Finance Sector

Millions of people use banking and finance sector mobile apps every day, but have you ever wondered what it takes to build an app like that? Our team is skilled in app development. We can create a mobile banking app for you with a sleek user interface and smooth navigation. We provide a complete spectrum of mobile application development services to ensure optimum customer experience, including creative design and development, QA testing, post-launch support, and maintenance.

Healthcare software development
Health Care

At Poulima Infotech, we aim to provide scalable and customized solutions. As the demand for app development continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult for healthcare and medical firms to find the right mobile app developers. We provide a range of mobile application development services which include creative conceptualization, design, and modeling, code production, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Our goal is to help our clients to improve their services and make them more accessible to the population.

Software Development for Tours & Travel
Travel & Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is a huge and rapidly developing part of the economy. The industry has been struggling with new entrants, increased customer expectations, and technology-driven competition for years. We develop custom-tailored mobile applications for companies in the travel and tourism industry that meet their specific needs. What sets us apart is our emphasis on the needs of the user by focusing on a great user experience, both from an emotional and functional perspective.

Software development for Entertainment & Media
Entertainment & Media

We are a group of seasoned mobile app developers in India, with experience in developing apps for the media and entertainment industry. We can design your app to meet all of your needs, or help you create the perfect one from scratch. We work with you every step of the way with full transparency, ensuring that you have the final say in all stages of development. Our team of skilled developers can provide you with custom-built apps that will help you reach your desired audience.

Hospitality Software development

We're a team of mobile app developers that offer custom-built hospitality industry mobile apps, like hotel check-in and check-out apps, restaurant booking apps, and more. We specialize in the needs of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality organizations in order to create something tailored to their business.

Software development services
Hotels & Restaurants

Tired of paying high prices for mobile app development? We offer the latest technology and competitive rates for quality solutions. With our mobile application development services, you’ll be able to create a unique app that drives sales and builds a loyal customer base. Our team of experts designs develops and implements custom-made mobile apps for our clients.

Software development for Manufacturing

At Poulima Infotech, we're one of the largest providers of mobile application development services for the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector is crucial to the economy of any country. The sector requires mobile apps and IoT-based solutions to make operations more efficient. Our mobile app development services help you build and deploy such solutions.

e_Commerce App Development
e-Commerce & Retail

Our team of top app developers provides business owners with customized mobile application development services, for both the commercial and retail sectors. With an emphasis on your business goals and objectives, our skilled product designers and developers will create a custom solution design that fits your needs.

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Apps are the future of mobiles. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, then our mobile app development services are perfect for you! We can help you create a custom Mobile App for your requirement

Our Technology

Technologies used in our Mobile App Development Company

Reactjs logo

React Native

Building mobile applications is a time-consuming, expensive, and risky process. Hiring React Native app developers from our company can help you reduce the need for separate native developers. Our team of highly skilled React Native app developers will help you provide custom software development solutions.

Android App Development


For many, starting a mobile app is an overwhelming process. In fact, over 80% of mobile apps are abandoned by users after just one use. Our team of Android Developers has great experience, which means we can make your idea a reality quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to get started!

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With Flutter, you can build high-quality mobile apps in a fraction of the time and at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods. You'll get a dedicated team of expert app developers through our platform who work remotely and are available on-demand. With our friendly customer support, you can get an app built quickly and even find a Flutter developer for your project today!

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Mobile app development is a complex process that's time-consuming and expensive, often requiring years of work. With our solution, you can now build iPhone and iPad apps for your business in just a few clicks. Our smart app builder creates native iOS apps for Apple devices and we take care of the development process for you.

App development time can vary greatly depending on a number of variables.       Complexity, design uniqueness, and the use of third-party services all play a role in how much development time is needed.

Firstly, an NDA will be signed before the project starts. Secondly, rules will be established for accessing company data, and lastly, we will keep monitoring the office so as to keep the workspace secure.

Yes, we do offer a 2-month technical support package for you to contact our team if you encounter any difficulties accessing the app.

Your project manager will work closely with you to keep you in the loop about progress and provide updates along the way. You can just talk to the assigned project manager about all changes you need and he/she’ll tell our developers what to do.

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Our team is made up of expert app developers and creatives who will have your idea up and running in no time. We are a startup but we believe in giving you the best experience possible.

Yes, as one of the top mobile app development companies in Bangalore, we provide complete documentation on the mobile app software or solution that we develop for your business. We sign contracts with all of our clients to ensure secrecy. As a result, you always get access to the code of your mobile app or app solution at the end of the project, even if it is still in the early stage.

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